Simple Installation and maintenace

        100% complete system !

• The semi-trailer drive can serve to 350 client / day on one rotation
• 72 boxes-18° (27 liters),
• 144 boxes 2° (27 liters fresh produts),
• 300 boxes 12° (76 liters dry products)

  • Simple road works on the place.
  • Possible touring depending the day on the week (serve different place every days).
  • The place : a semi-trailer drive can be in the middle of a parking.
  • The logistical solution with a Semi-trailer Drive avoid other transportation vehicules and 3 manipulation's operations
  • (Charge in the logistic center -> discharge on the PROXIDRIVE©), only one step.
  • It's possible to charge in the evening in order to be ready the morning after at the PROXIDRIVE© place.



  • Efficacity : semi-trailer drive is able to serve 6 client in the same time !
  • Capacity : lsemi-trailer drive is able to serve 350 clients on one rotation


Modularity et autonomy

  • Temperature Modularity with movable internal walls.
  • CO2reduction : with the reduction on trucks round trips on all the picking points.
  • Energy Autonomy with a stand alone 250 liters Gasoil capacity.
  • Electrical Autonomy 144 hours max. Onduleur + groupe électrogène. (même en cas de coupure électrique du réseau, le service de livraison se poursuit).
  • Lighting autonomy.
  • Cooling Autonomy froid 144 hours max
  • 4G autonom Communication  (if available)
  • Cooling Disfunction tele alarm
  • Burglary tele alarm
  • customer Help desk.
  • Video watching
  • 2 Consoles with  QRcodes readers and  RFID.
  • every Semi-trailer drive is with cryogenic Cold group equiped so that bring a transport under managed temperature.


Semi-trailer drive is a very large communication space.


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