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Colispratic© is continuisly looking for new location to install PROXIDRIVE  WORLD-WIDE  !!!.

The place have to fill a certain number of criterians in order to be able to recieve our equipments and customer vehicules.
Your place is interresing us !

PROXIDRIVE is a logistic platform able to deliver product ordered on line , by a e-merchant even fresh food of deep frozen !.


Common type of Place :
• ground surface from 40 to 2500 M²  (400to 25000 sq.ft).

• easy acces for Vehicule and trucks
• stiblized ground.

Propose us your

Place !

Please fill the form in order to give us the possibility to identify the place you want to propose us for the installation of a PROXIDRIVE©.

All information will be taken as CONFIDENTIAL .

we will answer you by mail with our analysis or complementary questions.



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