Non disclosure agreement

Most important points of COLISPRATIC PROXIDRIVE's non diclosure agreement on Internet


PROXIDRIVE & COLISPRATIC 's non didclosure declaration is available on the COLISPRATIC's and affiliated web sites  Here are the main points :

Personal information

  • For many reason we will gather your personal information  , for your order , for your resquetsand questions, for your letters ...
  • To personalize the relation with you ,we will combine all the availaible information comming from diverses sources in order to complete or precises them .
  • To do that we will use all the technological possibilities like cookies.

The use of your infomations

  • to answer on your request , from COLISPRATIC or an other organization.
  • To contact you for satisfaction survey, market analysis or transactions.
  • To support you on our product or services .
  • If you have authorize us, to contact you for commercial relations initiated byCOLISPRATIC PROXIDRIVE  or other organizations .
  • To personalize your interaction with our sites , facilitate your navigation and elaborate statistics on the use of our web sites services or products.

Your choices

  • When we get information on you , you can indicate that you do not accept the use of this information for commercial use.
  • You can also deactivate the cookies.


Personal information gathering

You will send us personal information , like Name, adress , during different situation , for exemple during mail or messages exchanges , ordering or for commercial exchanges with COLISPRATIC PROXIDRIVE. It will benecessary to communicate you Credit card number during an order on one of our web site , or to communicate to us you resume if you are candidate to join COLISPRATIC PROXIDRIVE  team . You will have to possibility to request to us that we do not keep those information in our data bases. We will respect your decision.

Wew will also gather information like IP adress , type of broother , languages and acess time , and also the page you have read and actions you have done , if you have read our messages, or click o  a link. Those information are used for statistics on the efficiency of our web site , marketing actions , softwares, offers and personalize your visits and the interaction with us.

In certaincircumstance we wud have the possibility  to get some information on you from other sources like list suppliers. In that cases, we requestto those suppliers to confirm us that those information have been collected in law respect, and that we areauthorize to us it.

We can combine directly or inderectly all the information in order to be more precise .