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Where to find  the growth for the next 10 years ?
e-Business end customer's delivery is now going in a new innovation cycle that produce the end of the old models .
With new format, new growth axles ... Planty of Opportunities , but which needs Anticipation, Prioritization, Planification !

Only for France, in 2010, the e-business market have reach 31.2 billions € with 26% growth compared to 2009. This evolution bring the marketshqre of e-Business over 12% in 2015.
The DRIVE IN format of delivery, is a very strong market driver for all the market actors. This Format give the possibility to be present on new places avoiding the need of large surfaces, new shops, and heavy investments and special authorization : the DRIVE IN concept part of the click and collect model is today so "faschion" that it allows a very fast image and notority development on the area.  Some department stores have use this concept with a defense strategy or with an attack strategy in order to keep or to win marketshare. Some of those company annonced massive investments onthis concept in the comming years.
Innovation accelerator

    • Market / customer/ specialiazation prospective
    • Commercialization R&D, new concept developpment.
    • Out of the box thinking
    • Modelization and test of new groth axles
Federation– Mobilization – Dynamization.


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