100% pratic !

MICRODRIVE© will take place nearby big companies, on a parking, in a building ... Everybody will winn , from the e-merchant to the final client .    I will pick-up my e-shopping on my working place !




The end of "chore shopping"  !  MICRODRIVE©, is there and can be almost everywhere !

The smallest and easyest to insall PROXIDRIVE© equipment with same fonctionality .

  • It can serve to 150 parcell/day.
  • It needs only 5 m2.
  • and a 220 v 20 A socket.


Easy for the client (a Parking - nearby his workplace or Home)

  • Companies
  • shop around the city center
  • administrations
  • parkings
  • gas station
  • village center
  • campings
  • tourism places
  • port
  • you have to imagine…


Easy to install

Easy to exploit


High Tech

Low cost use

With performing safety systems

Constant Temperature from - 18° / 2°C to 12°C